NARECHEM-ST Registration

  • Since 1996, some 4000 patients aged 0 to 14 years with incident childhood leukemia/lymphoma, CNS tumors, neuroblastoma, renal and liver cancers and sarcomas newly diagnosed in seven pediatric hematology-oncology departments or identified through alternative sources of information across Greece including surgery, neurology/neurosurgery, pathology, radiology/radiotherapy, bone marrow transplantation units in public and private hospitals have contributed to NARECHEM-ST. Annual review of the roster of patients in each unit and specialized outpatient care delivery clinics and laboratories is also provisioned.
    • The registration of new incident cases is hospital based
      • Quality control of the reported results are conducted through annual checks of the reported diagnosis by the health care delivery system following international standards
        • Personal interviews with cases and/or their guardians are conducted for epidemiological purposes
          • Cytogenetic information from the medical record is contributed by most collaborating centers and needs to be further systematized for analyses