Round Table Discussion (in Greek)

During the 7th Conference of the Forum in Patras Greece (November 5th) presentations by regional and specialized registries as well as quality control activities undertaken by the Pathology Society were included.
No contributions were possible at this stage regarding the role of imaging and radiotherapy files as complimentary sources of data or of specialized cancer registries on occupational cancers.
Contributors were also committed to seek ways to strengthen collaboration across disciplines and stakeholders, whereas it was acknowledged that political will is needed for a national all age and all types cancer registry to become functional.
In order to disseminate current related activities in Greece, the slides of the presentations have been requested for upload in narechem.gr or other websites.

Titles of the presentations and contributors were as follows (click the titles to download each presentation):

· Need for development and use of registries for chronic diseases (E. Ntzani)
· Regional Cancer Registry of Crete (C. Lionis, D. Sifaki-Pistolla)
· NARECHEM-ST: the specilized nationwide registry for Childhood Hematological Malignancies and Solid Tumors (E. Petridou, T. Psaltopoulou)
· Greek registry for myelodysplastic and Hypoplastic Syndromes: a scientific initiative for a spcialized registry (A. Symeonidis)
· Pathology registries and the contribution of medical societies as complimentary sources of data: the contribution of the Hellenic Pathology Society in re-initiating the Natiional Cancer Registry (2006-2016) (M. Demonakou-Vatopoulou) (not contributed as of now)
· Function of the National Cancer Registry in Patras: comments and experience of clinical oncologists (C. Kalofonos, T. Makatsoris)